My objective is simple.

Make COURAGE fun to talk about and easy to digest for high school- and college-aged youth to help them build it up in themselves.


Whether you want a 45-minute keynote or 3-hour workshop, you will get the best blend of inspiration, entertainment and application for your audiences.


Choosing Courage: 3 Steps to Help Youth Speak Up, Stand Out and Stay True to Themselves 
In a perfect world, high school- and college-aged youth would fully and freely be themselves — in school, work and play. In reality, though, they are met with societal pressures, gender expectations and racial stereotypes that challenge their ability to be true to who they are. In this critical developmental stage, it is easy to magnify fear of rejection and ridicule …  unless they’ve got the resources to speak up, stand out and stay true to themselves. Well, they do have the resources; they just need to know how to use them. In this captivating keynote, composed with the perfect blend of storytelling and research, Candace Doby teaches audiences a three-part process to leverage the tools of courage to manage fear and express their uniqueness.  This powerful keynote will change the way audiences evaluate risks and resources and allow them to audit their own internal tools to be themselves. 
This entertaining and interactive workshop builds upon its keynote companion. It provides all of the benefits of the keynote presentation plus gives audiences the opportunity to ask questions, apply the learnings to their own specific goals, and immediately take action to build their courage. 
How to Translate Travel Skills Into Leadership Skills

When students are met with opportunities to travel abroad, they too often don’t understand how travel skills can translate into leadership skills that employers desire. In this talk, Candace illustrates how travel has helped her enhance important leadership skills in the workplace and how it can do the same for those who want to or have traveled abroad.

Through delightful storytelling, she recounts how driving on the other side of the road forced her to be adaptable, how a tuk tuk driver raised her consciousness around collaboration and much more. Through this talk, the audience will be able to identify important leadership skills employers value, recognize how to connect the dots between travel and leadership skills, and understand their role in telling the most impactful stories about their travel experiences.

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