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Courage At Work: Helping Emerging Leaders Take More Worthwhile Risks in an Evolving Workplace
Now, more than ever, organizations need leaders to act with courage. They need leaders who are willing and able to take worthwhile risks, navigate through uncertainty, and withstand challenges in order to position their businesses for growth in a constantly shifting corporate and non-profit world. According to research, courage is an essential leadership quality. But, when emerging leaders consider potential failure or rejection in the workplace as outcomes, they can find it difficult to choose courage — opting instead for safety and limited growth. That’s because they don’t know how to evaluate risks or leverage the internal resources they already have to face them. In this presentation, speaker and courage coach Candace Doby helps audience members discover what’s stopping them from stepping outside of their comfort zone at work and how to begin dismantling those barriers so they can take more risks — risks like speaking up with an unpopular perspective in a meeting of like minds, showing up authentically for themselves and their teams, and challenging old systems that do not serve new workplace realities.
This presentation is critical for organizations that want to develop courageous leaders who can help take their businesses into the future. This presentation is appropriate for companies that want to help their people, particularly millennials, courageously speak up and stand out so that the organization can capitalize on diverse and creative thinking, innovate faster, improve processes and collaborate better.
Choosing Courage: 3 Steps to Help Young Women in the Workplace Speak Up, Stand Out and Stay True to Themselves

In a perfect world, women would be able to fully and freely be themselves in the workplace. In reality, though, they are met with societal pressures, gender expectations and racial stereotypes that challenge their ability to be true to who they are. And, it can be easy to magnify fear of rejection and failure and to play small in order to keep external peace. But, doing so hurts them and the organizations they work for. In this captivating keynote, composed with the perfect blend of storytelling and research, Candace Doby teaches audiences a three-part process to help them manage fear, activate personal courage, and take risks so that they can spend less time and energy censoring or hiding themselves and more time demonstrating their value, promise and power.

This presentation is appropriate for organizations that want to unlock the potential of its leaders who identify as female, retain happier leaders, and help employees develop personally and professionally.

Helping Emerging Leaders Overcome Self-Doubt and Own Their Brilliance

Leaders within your organization possess a unique set of skills and qualities capable of distinguishing them from others and creating distinctive value for clients and teammates. But when they become burdened by perfectionism, self-doubt and imposture syndrome, they make it impossible to own and demonstrate their brilliance, which is necessary to help the company reach its highest level of greatness. Instead, these leaders lose focus, diminish their productivity and weaken their ability to perform to their potential. In this presentation, speaker and author Candace Doby gives leaders the strategies they need to courageously own their brilliance, manage self-doubt and make a bigger impact on their companies.

This presentation is appropriate for companies that want to help boost their employees’ productivity and creativity by helping them conjure the courage to own and demonstrate their unique talents and skills, even when times are uncertain or challenging.



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