Breaking down courage to build it up in young leaders

Hi, I’m Candace — a speaker, mentor and author who works with universities and organizations to teach young leaders about their power to act with courage. I believe when we choose courage, we unleash the ability to speak up, stand out and stay true to who we are.

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Level-up the ability of young leaders in your organization to understand, develop and leverage personal courage

… to speak up, stand out and stay true to the best within them. Whether young leaders are struggling to voice their ideas out of fear of rejection or to travel beyond their comfort zones out of fear of failure, you recognize that their ability to call upon courage within the challenges of growing up (personally and professionally) will impact the type of leaders they become. And, you want to see them shine. 
But, you’re not looking for another program burdened with academic jargon or empty motivation that feels good for five minutes but doesn’t guide participants on what to do. You want to blend education, entertainment and empowerment to ensure your audience walks away with actionable strategies to build courage that can be implemented immediately — in school, at work or beyond. You want the audience to be able to relate and activate. 

Courage is the OG —original goodness — of all the virtues

… and I passionately break down the process to activate it in a way that is energizing and memorable. I teach young leaders how competence, confidence and cause work together to develop courage.

I add a dab of attitude to my delivery to match the realness of courage. Audiences get proven techniques that work plus the mindset support to shift their focus from risks to resources, all while having a little fun. 

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Learn about how I teach young adults to courageously lead, communicate and be themselves.

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Learn about how you can flex your courage muscle through The Courage Workout Plan program

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Candace has an uncanny ability to disarm anxiety in a room and fully engage each individual with an enlightened, honest conversation wrapped in courage. Her loving authenticity inspires community and threads the needle with words and illustration on how we are all connected.

– Michael D.,
Chief Social Responsibility Officer, YMCA Greater Charlotte


In this NEW illustrated book of 100 candid quotes, courage is given a voice worth listening to. It’s sometimes sweet … and sometimes shady — but it’s always rooting for you to shine. 

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D., CSP
Bestselling author of The Introverted Leader

“This fabulous book shows us how to grab pieces of that illusive concept of courage in a practical way.”




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Candace is a intentional and impactful speaker on the subject of courage. We hired Candace to speak at a smaller event for 125 professionals who identified as women because of her topic of courage. Candace captivated the attention of the group so well that we invited her to our large event of 600+ later in the year.

Colette M., Executive Director, American Camp Association, Illinois


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Candace was a wonderful and engaging speaker who knew how to tailor her message of courage to fit the theme and mission of our organization. She is clearly both thoughtful and passionate, which was reflected in the way that she interacted with students, dutifully answering their questions and easing their fears.

– Brandy A., Program Manager, Center for Global Initiatives UNC

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Candace has a great ability to clearly communicate with young people in an engaging and inspiring manner. She helped our group truly understand the components of courage and then provided them the opportunity to apply that learning to their own specific goals. Everyone left feeling empowered.

– Kate M., Director of Educational Advancement, High Meadows School


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Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage. – Maya Angelou


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