Candace Doby coaching

How would you speak up, stand out, and stay true to yourself if you had a blueprint to activate your courage?

Let’s get to work.

Now more than ever, you need courage …

to navigate through uncertainty in school and work, have difficult conversations about privilege and power, and transition from old realities to new possibilities. You already have specific goals that you know can help you unlock your potential and rise up to the best within you.
But, here’s the problem …
You’re stuck in place, surrounded by fear, because you don’t actually understand how courage works. On top of that, you don’t know how to develop it and don’t see how to leverage it. 
How do you know when your confidence is bigger than the risk in front of you? What’s the first thing you should do when you want to act with courage? How do you develop the part of courage helps you persevere through a challenge? Does courage live inside of you or do you have to conjure it up each time you need it?
There’s a lot to think about. But, it’s all good. Really. 

I'll teach you (LIVE) exactly what you need to know ...

to check your fear and build your courage so you can get busy pursuing your most meaningful goals. And, it’s all based on research, experience and observations I’ve gathered in more than a decade of leading marketing teams at global brands and traveling the world solo. 
Together, we can push your goal out of your head and into action so you can get on with being a better you. Let me show you how to activate your courage to do the hard things.

Here’s what participants are saying …

Candace is an expert on courage! Her approach is something I will continue to remember when I’m making difficult decisions. The strategies are practical, and they gave me the tools to have future courageous conversations.

– Ashlee A.

Even if you believe you are courageous, this courage circle allows you to answer some deep questions about courage and you. Being apart of this circle allowed me to self-reflect and do some inner-growth work.

– Imani W.

As a recent grad, my job search has been a place in my life where I was fearful and found it hard to find the courage to sell myself. This workshop gave me the push to get me out of my comfort zone. I can now view opportunities differently.

– Mikhayla S.


Who is The Courage Workout Plan for?

College students, young professionals and advisors to youth who:

— Have specific school, work and life goals but get caught up in a loop of second guessing themselves and avoiding the first step forward.

— Are overwhelmed with change and are stuck in place with no clarity, no motivation and no plan.

— Want to have hard conversations about boundaries, being themselves and racial inequality but become consumed with fears of judgement and failure. 

— Are in transition between schools or jobs and feel shaken by a lack of control.

— Want to build up their knowledge and practice of courage so they can more easily leverage it in the future.

What do participants learn?

A lot. We’ll engage in candid conversation to work out what’s keeping you stuck, and you’ll leave well-equipped with the knowledge and tools of courage to shift from inaction to action.

Participants will take away:

What courage really is, how it really works and why you can not do hard things without it.


Three critical components of courage that lead to its development and practice

How to evaluate risks and resources to help make tough decisions from insight, not insecurity

A clear, step-by-step process to activate courage that can be rinsed and repeated endlessly

What is the program breakdown?

The Courage Workout Plan is a small group coaching program where we circle up, open up and level up our ability to act with courage. 
Each group is limited to five people to help ensure every person can adequately participate in the program. I designed the experience to be flexible, whereby I intentionally share important strategies to build and leverage courage AND create space for the group’s unique needs to receive proper attention.
The program includes an opening 90-minute session followed by two 60-minute sessions, which occur over three consecutive days. (We get it in and get you on your way.)


Each participant receives a pre-program questionnaire to help me learn about their challenges with acting courageously. Participants will also receive a workbook to use during and after the program to help them continue on their journey to courage after conversations have ended. 
Individuals can register separately and be placed in a group, or an already formed group of teammates, friends or co-workers can register together to fill up a coaching group.

If Courage Could Talk Book Angle

And, just so we're on the same page ...

I draw from the humor and candidness of my new book, If Courage Could Talk, to keep our conversations real. (Sugar-coating is reserved for cakes, not courage.)


This is what our time together would look like …



Before the program starts, I’ll send you some prep work to get your thinking about your abilities and barriers to pursuing your goal. Your thoughtful responses will help you personalize the program and get the most out of it. You don’t want to rush this part because it can impact how ready you show up to Day 1.


This is when the fun begins. If you’re going to act with courage, you have to know what courage is and how it works. We’ll start from the bottom, and I’ll lay out the blueprint to the entire courage process, from beginning to end.  Whether your goal is to confront a friend, launch a new program, audition for a new team or quit your job, this will be the plan you use to conjure courage. The beauty about courage is that the process to access it doesn’t change, even when your goals do.


We’ll get real about each component of the process and break down the most common hurdles. And, yes, we will apply the process to your specific goals to see where you’re stuck and work out what needs to happen to get you moving.


All the research out there will point to confidence as being the biggest predictor in how long you will preserve through a challenge. So, we’ll bring everything together that we’ve learned and dig into confidence. This is usually where most people want to start the conversation on courage, but I’ll show you why it’s critical to end with this instead.


Every good workout requires a cooling off period. After the program, you’ll receive a post-program resource to help you continue with your courage workout plan.

So, how much does all this cost?

$147 per person.

Yep, you saw that right. You get live instruction and dialogue, a proven blueprint to courage, and a workbook guide to refer back to whenever you need it. Not everything is too good to be true.