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I break down courage to build it up in youth.



I am an acclaimed speaker who uniquely combines a decade of research on courage with my experiences leading marketing teams and traveling the world solo. In my keynotes, I teach youth how to manage fear and risks by focusing on internal tools of courage.


Courage is not something I’ve only learned about through academic journals, books and observation. I have extensive first-hand experience with courage from leading marketing teammates at global brands to stand up for an idea amid opposition, to give and receive feedback in support of growth, and to unapologetically be themselves — especially when being themselves was unpopular. 
In addition, I’ve come to understand courage personally, through challenging racial assumptions and expectations of me then redefining myself for me. I’ve also challenged my fears about traveling abroad and have journeyed, mostly solo, to over 20 countries. These experiences, wrapped together, have led me to understand the inimitable value of courage and the importance of building up the virtue in youth and young adults to prepare them for powerful action in their lives.
As a speaker, I combine personal storytelling with research-driven takeaways to help young people understand their fears and conjure their courage in school, work, and play.
I am a former speaker for Monster’s Making It Count Program and have spoken to over 15,000 youth and caring adults across the country. Some of my recent clients include: American Camp Association, Center for Global Initiatives at UNC-Chapel Hill, and National Society of Leadership and Success.  
When I’m not speaking or traveling, I’m designing my Pep Talker greeting card line, available in select stores and online at

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