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Journey To Courage

It’s late, and I’m sitting Indian style on my tan leather sofa with a book draped across my lap. The Psychology of Courage. I retrieved it from the mailbox earlier in the day and opened it with the same mixture of excitement and anxiousness that I opened Publisher Clearinghouse envelopes as a kid. Only this time, I wasn’t disappointed.

My giddy thoughts drifted as quickly as I flipped through the pages. When would I begin it?  Would the authors respond if I reached out to learn more about their research? Where would this book lead me next? Why am I passionate about courage—of all virtues?

The last thought lingered.

Over the past eight years, I developed an intense interest in courage—its definition, features, semblances, myths and truths—initially to understand myself. What was it about me that allowed me to travel solo halfway across the world, pick up and move to new cities, shave my head, challenge authority, audition for a professional dance team (without formal dance training), start an ecommerce business and follow through on other seemingly courageous acts? Was I born with some special gene? Probably not. So, I research and continue to investigate the intricacies and mysteries of courage. I’ve learned that confidence in my abilities, risk-conditioning and controllability are partially responsible for habituating me to fear and allowing courage to manifest. (More of those concepts will be interwoven throughout articles appearing on this site.) Now, my curiosity expands beyond self-understanding and seeks to help others conjure and employ everyday courage.

I guess you could say I’m on a courageous journey. Join me. Please.

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