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The Taking Up Space Weekend Retreat is an intimate and immersive experience to help dope, emerging female leaders of color conjure the courage to speak up, stand out, and stay true to themselves at work — without apprehension or apology. 


Do you know what the world needs, girl?

To see you shine.

It needs for you to ask for the promotion, speak up in the meeting, pitch the program and raise your hand to take the lead. Why? Because time’s up for playing games with your potential. You have the power to transform yourself, your team and your organization with your unique perspective, products or prowess. But …
For far too long, you’ve been keeping your words under wraps to avoid coming across as too aggressive. You’ve been hiding what makes you unique to align with convention, and you’ve been waiting for someone to say it’s your turn to avoid stepping on another person’s toes. You may call it playing safe. But, we call it playing small. And, that’s one thing you’re not.
It’s time to take up space, and not just the physical space your cute little feet occupy. It’s time to conjure your courage to fill up the room and the world with your promise and power.
From the book “A Cool Girl’s Guide To Courage” by Candace Doby

This is a program about personal courage, and in this program you will:

Learn and leverage our process for managing fear, activating personal courage, and taking risks so that you can spend less time and energy censoring or hiding yourself and more time demonstrating your brilliance.

Level-up your ability to identify, unpack and conquer the limiting beliefs that contribute to inaction and overwhelm in your career.

Get equipped with a toolbox of resources, templates and guides that help build your confidence and competence to have hard conversations, including those with colleagues about biases and microagressions at work.

Discover how to evaluate when it’s time to move on from a job that doesn’t allow you to take up space.

Cultivate the power that’s already within in you in a safe, protective environment of like-minded, young professional women of color.

Nail down your 60-day plan of courageous action that elevates you from playing small to taking up space in the workplace.


… and not just the physical space your cute little feet occupy. It’s time to conjure your courage to fill up the room and the world with your promise and power.

Who is this program a right fit for? 

This one-of-a-kind experience was created specifically for emerging, female leaders of color who crave the freedom to speak up, stand out and stay true to themselves at work

It is for self-empowerment seeking, young professionals who are eager to build up their internal resources to bring their unique ideas, perspectives and selves to the table — without apology or apprehension. They’ll be immersed in a framework that teaches them how to develop and activate personal courage so that they can take action to be visible, vocal and valued in the workplace.
They understand that the organizations they work for have a responsibility to invest deeply in creating a culture where all employees feel respected and connected. AND, they also recognize their personal responsibility to exercise the fullness of their potential and power at work.
This hands-on, three-day experience is for those who are ready to receive feedback, support and guidance in a psychologically-safe environment with other young women of color who are doing the work to bust limiting beliefs, understand the inner workings of fear and courage, and create courageous plans of action to show up (and show out) in professional spaces. They’ll be surrounded by experts, including Candace, who will help them every step of the way to ensure they leave with everything they came for.


(Re)Discover Your Dopeness

The first step to conjuring your courage to take up space is to (re)connect with the strengths, skills, values, potential and power that makes you unique. We’ll spend time getting to the bottom of limiting beliefs and jump into worthiness work. We’ll go deep with a team of coaches and experts to guide the process in order to clarify how we’ve been stopping ourselves from showing up fully in professional spaces.


Activate Your Dopeness

We’ll spend the second day building off of what we learned and turn our attention to process. Courage is an adaptive process that requires the evaluation of risks, reasons (or motivations) and internal resources. You’ll get your hands dirty (in a good way) with a proven framework that breaks down the courage process so you can understand it, personalize it and apply it.


Unleash Your Dopeness

This is where we put everything together and get to work. You’ll use day 3 to continue to integrate what you’ve learned AND create a clear 60-day plan of action that helps you unleash personal courage when you leave the retreat. This plan addresses your specific challenges and will identify the steps that are right for you to initiate the courageous process of taking up space at work and in the world.

MEET CANDACE, the Courage Coach

Hi, I’m Candace — a courage coach, habitual risk-taker, speaker, author, former marketing strategist and perfectionist in recovery.
I’m also the creator of the Taking Up Space Weekend Retreat. For 16 years, prior to starting my business, I worked in marketing for global brands within the food service industry. And, for most of my career, I was the only Black person on the team and in the room.
I know what it’s like to be called articulate under the guise of a compliment, passed over for promotions because you come across as intimidating, questioned about your judgment, talked over in meetings, and petted for having “curious” natural hair. As a woman of color in the workplace, I was repeatedly subjected to shenanigans that prompted me to play small in order to keep external peace.
But inside, I felt like I was swallowing a piece of myself when I didn’t dare to speak up, stand out and stay true to who I was. I had a choice: hide myself or side with myself.
Once I conjured my own courage to represent myself in a way that felt honest and true to me, I begin to teach my team of emerging leaders how to develop and activate their own courage to navigate professional spaces from a place of authenticity. Courage allowed them to stand up for ideas amid opposition, to give and receive feedback in support of growth, and to be their authentic selves when doing so was unconventional.
I am a student of courage. And, I’ve taken what I’ve researched, experienced and observed about courage over the past decade to help over 25,000 emerging leaders conjure theirs.
Now, there’s no better time to use what I’ve learned to specifically help women of color call upon their courage to take up space at work.