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Candace Doby is a speaker, author and coach whose mission is to make courage fun to talk about, easy to digest, and practical to activate. She works with universities and organizations across the U.S. to help emerging leaders build courage in themselves.


Candace Doby is an Atlanta-based speaker, author and courage coach who works with universities and organizations to help emerging leaders activate personal courage in order to perform to their potential in school, work and life.
Candace combines a decade of research on courage with her experiences leading marketing teams at a global brand, solo traveling to more than 20 countries and starting a business. This unique combination equips her with the digestible strategies she shares with audiences to help them have hard conversations, show up fully and overcome self-doubt to own their brilliance.
In her own acts of courage, Candace quit a successful marketing career to pursue her vision of making courage fun to talk about, easy to digest and practical to activate for emerging leaders everywhere. She created the podcast, The Courage Hotline, to serve up advice to people faced with pesky personal and professional challenges. She also launched the greeting card and gift company Pep Talker to help customers share motivation with people around them.
Candace holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a master’s degree in Technology and Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she also ran track.




An inspirational self-love workbook filled with over 125 empowering quotes and journal prompts for girls and young women to find their courage and build confidence.


This is your courage speaking. It’s time to put your fear in its place and make it behave.

No more surrendering to that whiny little voice telling you that you can’t do what you dream of or be who you want to be. It’s time to show the world―and YOU―what you’re made of. No matter what goal you’re after―creating new art, traveling the world, or standing up to someone who’s been putting you down―you’ll find your Courage in this inspirational book to help you discover who you are and who you can become.

So, go ahead, girl. Get your side-eye ready.
You’ve got things to do, and your fear is not going to stop you.

Photo Credit: Gianne Demeritte

Photo Credit: Gianne Demeritte

Photo Credit: Gianne Demeritte