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Courage Workout Plan Sponsorship

Courage comes from the Latin word cor, meaning heart. And, you must have a big one to consider sponsoring a participant to complete The Courage Workout Plan program. 


Your sponsorship will be directed toward helping a young Black woman understand, develop and leverage personal courage in school, work and beyond.

Sponsorship recipients will be selected from organizations we’ve partnered with in the past, such as Girls Going Global, Kennesaw Teen Center and Guide Inc. You will receive notification as soon as your scholarship has been matched with a recipient.


Here’s what your sponsorship will do:


Provide a opportunity for the recipient to get expert guidance on leveraging her courage to speak up and stay true to herself.



Equip the participant with a blueprint of the courage process that she will be able to activate now and also apply to future goals.



Support and nurture a space where the participant can be open and vulnerable about her barriers to acting with courage.


Support a Black-owned business committed to making courage fun to talk about and easy to digest for young leaders.



(This page will redirect you to Pep Talker, where payment can be accepted.)


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